Doobox 7ready Deal

Hi there,

#7ready Deal

Today we wanted to tell you in the run up to the release of Rapidweaver 7 that every stack we sell is compatible with the new version. We have a bundle deal of all 71 stacks in our collection, that we are making even more accessible today by offering a 30% discount on the already massively reduced bundle price.

Today with 30% discount code = £62.30
Normally = £89.00
If you bought them all separately they would be in excess of £500.00

Use the cart code = 7ready
At the checkout to get the extra 30% discount today

Check out the entire mega bundle deal here


Thanks @Doobox, can’t wait to put some of these into use (that ones I didn’t already have that is lol…)


About to close out this offer.
We are going to close it at Midnight today, Thursday 14th April 2016 GMT.
A little over 13 hours to go.

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Definitely worth it everyone, especially if you don’t have some of his recently new and updated stacks…

Plus, get 1 month free new stacks from purchase date!

@Doobox does lots of updates, all his stacks are RW7 ready and finally does lots of new stacks regularly.

Have fun

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Thank’s @Turtle.
Good point that “get 1 month free new stacks from purchase date!”.
We have a Stack in the oven at the moment almost ready for release :slight_smile:

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