Doobox developer not responding

Hi there, I can’t seem to get the Doobox developer to respond to my emails regarding past downloads. I pretty much purchased most if not almost all of his stacks, but wanted to download them again since I was silly enough to rename them - and that prevents them from being updated.

I have all the receipts, but somehow my past few requests go unanswered.

Have you guys had any luck in contacting the developer?

I got a sale email from him.
We can try and tag him here : @Doobox

Hi, I just got an an almost instant reply. I asked about ImagePlus stack. Seems it’s dead with Stacks 4.

@nemens Sorry if missed your email. Can I ask you to contact support at again, and let us have the email address you used at PayPal to trace your orders, and we’ll sort you out with download links.


Hi, thanks! Appreciate the help and apologies for the trouble … like I said I stupidly renamed the downloaded stacks and that prevents them from updating.

I will be sending an email to your support right now.

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