Blank themes for RW 8

I’m trying to create with blank or single solid color that can change colors on background. I’ve been doing it for hours… nothing works.

If you (or anybody) use Stacks 4 (the single most important add-on to RW), you may want to get interested in Source lightweight framework and accompanying stacks.

I know that Source’s developer will release on Saturday a comprehensive 12-part video tutorial teaching not only how to use Source, but also showing you how to build an impressive project (called #1 Lawyer). Following this tutorial is a breeze. You can build a complete fully functional project in an hour or two, even if you are relatively new to RW. The project works great with mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. So, for the price of the tutorial, you also get the #1 Lawyer project (one of the best deals I am aware of).

Source ( is the fastest, most modern framework for RW. It is a FREE theme and most of its native stacks are also free. Paid add-on pack is not mandatory, but highly recommended, too, because it lets you build more comprehensive sites.

Also worth mentioning—Stuart (the developer) is very helpful and his support is one of the absolutely best available.

Do you have stacks?
then you can use this, for example, just make all the colors the same … :wink:

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