FREE RapidWeaver Stacks

(John Higgins) #1


I’ve been playing around and created a couple of RapidWeaver stacks. One is a QR Code generator and the other is a gradient background stack. Not sure how these will play with all the many themes out there but they are free so by all means download them.

QR Code Generator
Gradient Backgrounds



(Konstantijn Van Calster) #2

Thanks John, will have a look at it. Great work!!
Just saw that you are in the IT Business, correct?

(John Higgins) #3

Hi @TINO - Yes, we do a bit of everything IT wise. Mainly hosted servers, email, VoIP and web development.

(David) #4

Hi John,

Thanks very much for the stacks. Wanted to give you a heads-up as there is a little problem inasmuch as they’re not updating properly in RW. RW says it is updating them, but the stacks are not actually getting updated.

thanks! :slight_smile:

(DeFliGra) #5

Nice… and too shame it’s not included :slight_smile:

(John Higgins) #6

@defligra I could never give away my car (I wish it was my car!!)

(John Higgins) #7

Thanks for the heads up.

Can you download and install again please, this should sort the problem.

QR Code Generator
Gradient Backgrounds