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I have a theme stuck on my page. When I open a new project in Rapid weaver I have a theme already selected. I just want a blank page so that I can build a website with Source. How do I stop RW from forcing me into a pre loaded theme. Thanks

You also need to download and install the Source theme and select that. So you need the Source theme and stacks working together.

The Source theme should also be included in the free download.

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Thanks Neil

Yep I now have selected source from the themes and a blank page has appeared. Thanks


I apologize but am new to RapidWeaver. I have the same issue. I downloaded source from Paddle? added it but still do not see how to select a blank theme? I’m simply trying to follow the tutorials and ca’t get rid of the base theme? Any help is appreciated.

You should select the Source theme, not a blank theme. The theme is included in the download with the Source stacks. You’ll need to install the theme if you haven’t already.

Once you’ve selected the Source theme, you need to use Stacks pages in your project. The page will be blank until you add some stack to it.

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Thanks @NeilUK

Download as pdf

Thank you!

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