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Just purchased Poster and using Foundation. Am very new to RW and cant figure how to achive the “blog archive” list on the right side of the page. I have the content set as default, over two colums, but need to set the archive list.
How do I add this extra stack “blog arcive” with content.Blog%20Archive

Many thanks

This should help

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Thankyou, managed to get that far, however it’s the…: “Therefore, enter either in the sidebar or in any other text area following HTML code.” What sidebar what HTML area."
Am really confused

you are using foundation you have to build your own layout.
If you have the Foundation stacks there is both a panel stack and a sidebar stack. There are plenty of other stacks that could do it as well.

Just make the area in your layout and toss in an html stack and paste in the code.

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All “standard” themes have a sidebar and a dedicated sidebar area inside RW. If you want to mimic the same behavior as in the standard RW blog, copy the described code there.

Or, if you want do have the archive links displayed somewhere else (like extra content area, or footer), paste it there.

Foundation and Foundry don’t have an inbuilt sidebar, there you have to create a 2 column layout by yourself and past the code in one of the columns.

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Hi, and thanks so much for your reply.
Am using your blog stack but still not figured out how to create the side-bar in foundation.
Is there a video tutorial on how to create. It would be great to have the side-bar; just cant figure it out.

Using a two column foundation stack, make one column 8 and one column 4 (or 9/3, or however you want it split)

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