Multi-column content layout in Poster 2?

I want to create a template for publishing recipes in a blog-type format.

I got Poster, and then Poster 2, in the hope I could set up a simple template so all I had to do was add the content required into the specific spots.

But I don’t think it works that way.

Here’s a very quick’n’dirty image of the layout I want.

I thought that I would use the “template” section of Poster to create … well, the template, using a mix of standard Stacks layout/content (grids, text, image) and the Poster stacks. Then when I clicked “Item”, that template would populate into a new blank item, and I’d just edit each individual section as I needed. Drop in a picture, paste in text, done.

I’ve read through the tutorials for Poster, and watched the videos, and looked at some of the projects. I don’t see any templates that use multiple columns for laying out content. Buttons and navigation and stuff, yes. But content still seems to be laid out as a single column, in a single text box.

Am I missing something, or did I drop $Au80 on something that can’t do what I want?

If so, is there a Stack that will do what I want, without having to go into the full Foundry/etc create-from-scratch experience? I’m really not up for that right now.

There is only one main content area, which currently cannot be split into several areas inside the template.

You would have to put the content of each recipe into the layout of multiple columns directly inside the item itself.

Thank you so much for the amazingly fast response!

Unfortunately, that pretty much brings me back to square 1, because that’s pretty much what I have to do with the built-in RW blog, and what I hoped Poster would work around for me.


Thanks anyway.

Well, the built in blog is much different from Poster, as you’re not able to use stacks inside. You’re easily able to layout everything as wished with the standard column stacks provided by the Stacks plugin. No need to dig into another framework.

True, but having to re-create my template for each individual item - each new recipe - by dropping in grids and image blocks and text blocks and so on, before I even get to populate the content, is precisely the double-handling I was hoping to avoid.

I think I need something that allows me to create templates in the Block plugin and have them laid out in a blog infrastructure …

You’re still able to use partials inside Poster items.
With this, you create once the layout, and put content inside.

Even more simple: create one recipe, and afterwards copy/paste this Poster item to make another recipe. With this, you have the layout recreated. You even are able to create like a draft post with the whole layout, and copy/paste this to bring in additional recipes.

Hmmm. I admit I’d forgotten about partials. OK, I’ll go back and give it another go. Thanks for the kind and patient help - I admit I was getting frustrated!

If you need additional help, feel free to send me an email. Cheers!

Thanks! I think I’m getting there. The copy-paste item is a better option than partials, it turns out.


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