Project Challenge!

Good day all! I have a challenge and I’m looking for ideas…

I want to replicate the look of my Adobe Portfolio front page in RW with Stacks. Ideally Foundation, but not essential.

I have tried left and right floating images and more, but I cannot fix the text and I’m out of ideas. Any thoughts please? The panels will each lead to a new page.



That should be doable with Foundry theme and a columns layout:

Check the Offset & Ordering topic far at the bottom of the page. With that, you are able to let the image appear always at top of the tile in mobile view.

I don’t know if Foundation supports that ordering of columns.

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Brilliant inspiration thanks Jannis! I have made it work quite well in Foundation (I would love to jump into Foundry too, but I only rebuilt the site in Foundation a few months ago and time is at a premium).

Somehow I need to try and get the rollover working and to get the whole 2 column stack to be linked, not just the image, but good progress so far. Perhaps it will be possible to use your wonderful Instacks Poster stack to do this one day :wink:


On my list mate, on my list :smiley:


LinkBox by @willwood would probably do the trick to get the whole 2 column stack as a link.


BWD’s BluePrintONE is perfect for the image and text with rollover and link. Use a BluePrintONE as a 1 column stack inside any 2 column stack that allows reordering such as Foundation or Foundry. If using Foundation then you can also use BWD’s Grummage 2 Col stack.

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@NeilUK @webdeer Amazing!! Thanks so much, and again to @instacks

Neil, at your suggestionI had just tried and implemented LinkBox before Gary’s reply popped up. This is working and I’ll set it up as my new front page + try and see how I can get BWD’s stacks working. I originally tried to some of the Sections stacks, but I got so lost as to which one and how to use them, then Jannis suggested columns. Too much choice

Really appreciate everyone’s help. Thank you all.

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Here is a pretty close approximation for a 5 minute job using blueprint sidebar and sections pro/box

The project file is here:


@tav - Andrew you are officially amazing! How did you do that so quickly? It has taken me most of the day to get to this:

Grummage stacks are impressive, sorry Joe, but better than the Foundation ones. I’m slowly getting to grips with the ultra useful BluePrint One

I’ll play with the project file in a mo - and undo all my work :grin:


I suppose its one of those things that is easy when you know how. It is really just a case of building things up logically in terms of the hover part but it is actually just 2 or 3 very simple elements.

I did the columns using the BluePrint Sidebar as it allows proportional control so that I could match the original widths better, it also is equal height columns by default and has very simple controls for the stacking order that remove the need for push/pull or source order.

Just mail me on the BWD support email if you need any more help with it.


Always great to have a look at your website and enjoy the photos and videos there :+1:

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Thank you everyone for help and kind comments. Such an amazing community.

I’m still learning to get the best from these amazing tools, but I am always willing to help anyone with anything photo / video related - I’m an Adobe specialist and can help people to get the best from most stills and movie cameras, so feel free to message me at any point :blush: