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“You can change any styling with css”

Unless RW’s hidden, undocumented settings prevent you from doing so.

There are certain CSS classes available inside the blog layout, which are valid for all themes.

I propose you make yourself comfortable with google web inspector, if you want to perform own CSS changes.

I realize you are frustrated but things are a bit more nuanced than what you imply.

With some key exceptions … you generally want to set a font size for your website and not be changing that fontsize every paragraph or so. Many themes (though not all) provide options on what font size you can use with the theme. And of course some themes provide choices (though limited) in terms of what fonts you can use.

Basic stuff like italics, bold, etc. you can easily do with RW’s text editing.

It gets more complicated because even with the basic RW there are a few themes you can choose from. But only a portion of those themes were created by RealMac. The other themes were created by independent developers. In many cases those developer themes are “simplified” free themes. So this results in 2 big things:

  • not all developers use exactly the same CSS indicators for the same part of a site (thus why some people are guessing about the probable CSS)
  • these outside developers typically have more full-bodied versions of these “lite” themes. The more full-bodied versions (that cost additional money) have additional options. Often including more choices about font size and the such.

RW was meant to be simple. But for those who like more control there are a whole host of great products out there. For blogging, as one example, there’s Poster. It’s great. It works with your theme. But if your theme itself provides limited choices for font sizes then that still exists with Poster (I think)

More importantly there have developed full bodied themes that give you almost all the choices you want. These are very free-form and include Foundry, Foundation, Source, and several others. Again one consequence is you now have many more options opened to you.

And then there’s markdown. Some themes are very markdown friendly. Poster is markdown friendly also. This is a great way to have more control over fonts. All the major free-form themes (Foundry, Foundation, Source, etc.) are markdown friendly. Unfortunately, if memory serves me right, the built-in blog page is not markdown capable. I might be wrong. (It’s been years and years since I used the built-in blog.) But markdown, plus more versatile themes, plus a more versatile blogging tool, are the way most people go. It all depends on how much control you want, and if you are willing to put in a bit of effort to learn those new tools. I don’t think it’s hard but it does take a bit of learning.


You should be able to make most any styling changes you want with CSS. There are no “hidden” or “undocumented” settings that prevent you from applying CSS to your RapidWeaver blog.

The standard blog produces HTML output with a set of CSS classes and ID’s applied to the HTML for theme developers to use to style the blog. These classes and ID’s are documented in the Theme SDK.

You, as an end-user of RapidWeaver, shouldn’t have to worry about the theme developers SDK.

I’d guess the problems you’re having getting the styling you want to apply has more to do with “CSS specificity” than anything else. The built-in blog plugin in RapidWeaver uses styled-text. Styled-text allows you to change the styling on the individual text element, by selecting them and choosing the options along the bottom or from the Format menu items.


That makes changing stuff easy, but the way styled text does this is to “wrap” the text within HTML <span> tags and then apply an HTMLStyle Attribute. This makes it very versatile but these “Style Attributes” have a high CSS specificity that makes “overriding” them with standard CSS more difficult.

You already have CSS you are applying to the blog from the screenshot:

You do have a Syntax error Below the #blog-rss-feeds:before you have what looks like “left Over” stuff. The

   font-size: 20px;
   margin-right: 20px;
  max-wiedth: 60px;
   margin-left: 20px;
    line-height: 1.5

is invalid. It hast no CSS selector. I dobut its causing a problem, browsers are pretty good at ignoring these kind of errors.

If you want help with CSS styling, then it’s best to provide a URL and a description being specific with what and where you want the changes to apply. Someone here will probably be able to help you out pretty quickly.


When you copy a blog post that you’ve written in a different program (Word, Ulysses, whatever), you need to “Paste as Plain Text.” From there, you can style (Bold, underline, link, etc.) the text in RW.

In my experience, the only way for uniform font displays, across all blog posts, which you can style with the built-in options or CSS, is if the text in the blog post is in plain text.

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Thank you all for the helpful comments.

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