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How do you increase the font size for blog posts in RW’s built-in blog? I don’t see a setting anywhere.

Also, while there is a field to place an image, sometimes the image doesn’t appear in the post. Is there a setting to force this?

The font size will be determined by the theme you’re using - if you can provide a URL, we may be able to suggest some custom CSS to help.

I’m not sure what the ‘field’ is that you’re referring to where an image can be placed. Can you elaborate?


Images dropped in the area marked “works” will display. Images dropped into the image field do not.
This is RW’s baked-in blog.

That FIELD is for the social meta tags that RW builds for each blog post.

Put the picture that you want to show up when your blog post link is shared in Messages, in Facebook, or Twitter in the FIELD area.

Regarding the Image field - what @chet says. To increase the font size of posts, try putting this into the Custom CSS panel {

  font: ??px Vollkorn-Regular;


Where ?? is the size of text you want.



I’ve put your code at the end.

Yep, that’s where I’d put it.


Not sure where you’re getting the CSS selector from. That’s usually something that is used in a browser tool or JavaScript.

Trying to apply it with just CSS probably won’t work.

I’m not at my Mac right now but try something like this:

.blog-entry {
   Font-size: 22px; 

I don’t have a url to work with so I’m doing this by looking at an old post.

the selector might be: .blog-entry-body

The blog is RW’s baked-in blog. Standard with every RW distribution. The URL isn’t necessary, the answer should be the same for every RW user.

Not true at all.

Many advanced users don’t use the built in blog. You’re the one asking for assistance. For me or someone else to provide help to you, we’d have to create a project, make blog entries, preview the page in browser, and open up developer tools to figure out what might help you.

And if we’re not using the same theme you are using than the published code and styling might be very different.

All you’d need to to is provide a simple URL to a test page.


If you’re saying that font size using RW’s baked-in blog is wholly dependent on the theme selected, fine. I did play around with different themes and saw no change.


I use the RW blog plugin extensively, and some of the elements have slightly different names in different themes.

Did the .blog-entry-body CSS work for you?

No, there is no uniformity whatsoever. On the blog there’s a cacophony of different font sizes.

Other CMS suggestions have been suggested, but all come with issues (e.g., require Foundation, Foundry,etc.)

I’m not sure what the status of things is now … but looking at this blog:

I see at least 3 different font sizes used for 3 different articles. I did not look thoroughly so there may be even more font sizes involved. Thus it seems something you are doing works just great, but the sizing is being applied on an article-by-article basis instead of overall.

I can’t help you with the CSS, but it may be useful if you could tell us which blog post has the sizing you want and what CSS you applied, and how.

@chet mentioned that different themes may use different CSS. So also reporting the theme you are using may help. If it’s a standard theme that comes with RW that may help speed things along.

A general purpose blogging tool that is fantastic is Poster. You need to pay for it, but it works with all themes (as far as I know) so is not limited to a small subset of themes.


You’re right about the different options. Each one has its limitations.

With regard to the different font sizes, do you type your posts in a different program, like Microsoft Word? Sometimes I’ll have sizing issues during the copy and pasting process. In order for RW to control the font size, I have to use the Paste and Match Style option or Paste and Clear Formatting option.

So RW doesn’t have its own text processing engine? Geez.
Since the defaults are hidden, what are they?
It’s very surprising that CSS doesn’t work.

You can change any styling with CSS.
FYI, TotalCms has a very powerful blog and works with any theme. Ie not foundation only.