Change of font size

I cannot change font size anymore. Otherwise I can still publish changes, but not changes in font size. What to do. Thank for help!

Explain the problem in a lot more detail, give a url to the page in question, explain what version of RW you’re using, what theme and what stack for the fonts.

That’d be a start.

Thank you James. I use RapidWeaver 7, no stacks. When I select a page and then click at “bigger” for font size, and then publish it, the change does not appear on the published page. If I make other changes and publish them, it works. So everything seems to work, except the change in font size. This has never happened before. Publishing a change in font size was just as easy and successful as publishing other changes. I don’t understand why suddenly publishing changes in font size doesn’t work anymore.

A link to a page where this is happening and a description of which text was made “bigger” and is not showing as such would help us.

My guess is that you copied the text form another application, perhaps Word, and did not clear the formatting that was copied with the text. This hidden formatting that gets copied usually overrides anything formatting you apply in RW. Text with hidden formatting also won’t display consistently from browser to browser and OS to OS.

You can try highlighting the text in RW and selecting “Clear Formatting” from the “Format” menu. Then reapply the “bigger” font.

Thank you! I cleared formatting, but it still did not work. The page on which I wanted to change font size is www. and also on other pages of this website. I wanted to change the font size of the whole page.

I don’t usually use Styled Text pages and the bigger/smaller font adjustments.

I just played around with it and it looks like clicking on bigger hard codes a font-size of 13px. Each successive application of bigger, increases it by another 1px. You could keep applying bigger until you get to the size you want. You can’t go by edit more, you’ll need to switch to Preview to see how it will look.

It looks like the default font size of that theme is 16px, so the first time bigger is applied it actually makes it smaller (13px). Not very intuitive. Personally, for the main text on a website, I think 16px is a good size. Headings can be larger.

I’d probably go back and re-do the clear formatting, which will get you back to 16px for base font size. If you really want it to be larger, we can provide some CSS you can paste into RW that will make a global font-size change.

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Thank you Don. I cannot make it bigger and not smaller. It does not respond at all to changes I make. And now I discovered that I cannot even publish other changes anymore and I lost all the internal links on my homepage. So things are pretty much messed up and I don’t know what to do and where I could get help. The fact that I cleared formatting could that have caused the trouble and how could I reverse the clearing? I also clicked at ignore formatting at one point and if that was a mistake, how could I reverse that? I have used Rapid Weaver for so many years and now suddenly I am at such a loss.

Clear formatting would not have caused the trouble.

Ignore formatting would. It tells RW to ignore any formatting you try to apply. When text is marked as “ignore formatting” then bigger/small, bold, italic, etc. will not work. You can tell if “ignore formatting” is applied to text because the text will appear in pink in the editor. Highlight that text and select “ignore formatting” again to uncheck that option. The text should no longer be pink. You should also see that there is no longer a check mark next to ignore formatting in the format menu.

You should then be able to apply formatting again.

Thank you very much Dan. That’s helpful. Could you give me the CSS that I can paste in and that hopefully would override the blockage I experience. Rolf

Hi Dan, one more question: how can I reverse clear formatting? Is it possible that I lost the internal links on my homepage because I clicked on clear formatting? Or how else can one lose all links on a page? Rolf

Sorry, there is no way to reverse “clear formatting”. Do you have backups? I’d go back to one prior to yesterday.

You will have to clear the “bigger” you’ve added. However, without using “clear formatting”, you need to use the correct number of “smaller” to remove the “bigger” you applied. Another reason I don’t like using Bigger/Smaller.

Precisely what text do you want larger? That way we know what CSS to try.

Thank you Dan. I have backups. Actually, I want it smaller, not bigger, the whole site. So which CSS? But I was also thinking if the reader finds my text to big (or too small), he or she could use Zoom to correct that and then i would not have to use CSS. But please give the CSS to me anyway, for the whole site. Thank you. Rolf

Thank you James. I think I solved the problem.

It looks like you’re using the Split theme, correct? What do you have selected in Master Style for Font Size? Is it still on “Normal”? Did you try “Small”?

Changing a font size everywhere isn’t quite as easy and there may be other things thrown off by a change at that level. Since you’re new to CSS, I want to see if the theme settings will be sufficient for your needs, before we start trying to make a CSS change. It may also present fewer issues down the road with theme updates if you stay with theme options…

Try that and let me know what you think of that font size.

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You are right. I use the Split theme. I switched to small, but it did not make any difference. So I went back to normal.

I discovered that I can change font size for a selected portion of a page, but if I click on Select All, it does not work. How come?

I realized that font size may not be as important as I thought because the reader can use Zoom to adjust font size for his personal preference. But I am still curious about the CSS option.

If changing the font size in the theme did not make any difference, then using CSS will be very difficult. That likely means that you still have things overriding the font. For example, anywhere you used “bigger” or “smaller” will have applied font setting that override the themes.

We really need to be sure that we’re working with a version that doesn’t have bigger/smaller applied. Can you go back to a version before you started trying to adjust the font size? The only other way would be to use “clear formatting”, but as you know that clears more than you want.

Once you go back to a previous version and change the mater style to “small” can you republish a page so I can have a look?

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I am sorry cannot go back to a version before I started trying to adjust the font size, which means I have to live with the situation as it is and which seems manageable as long as it does not get worse. Thank you very much for all your advice. I learned much, especially not to use “clear formatting’ again. I worked for hours to return my homepage to its original format.

Sorry you had to redo the home page. I thought you were working on mostly text pages. Having all those links in there definitely prevents the use of “clear formatting”.

Here’s a couple more take-aways. When trying things, it’s always a good idea to preview things right after. The first time you cleared formatting on the page and lost all of the links, you should have closed the project file (or RW) without saving your changes.

If you’re not using Time Machine, I would start, USB hard drives are cheap and TM works well (for most people). It’s really nice to have hourly backs going back several days, daily backups going back a week or more and then weekly backups going back months. It makes restoring a file from a particular point in time very easy.

Does anyone know of a way for get text back to “normal” once the formatting “bigger” or “smaller” has been applies without using “clear formatting”?

It really seems like there should be a 3rd option in between Bigger/Smaller for “normal” that would remove the spans that added a fixed font size to the text.

@tpbradley, would it be possible to add something like that?

You either need to keep applying bigger or smaller until you get back to the point where the text is “normal” or you need ro clear all formatting. Replying bigger/smaller to remove it is hard to do, because you need to apply it the same number of times as originally applied.

After Stacks…you will never go back…so much control.
Style pages are so 80’s!!!