Lost my way in the blog plug in

I am using RW7 and Flexture. How do I globally change the body text size in the blog plugin?

If you go to the Inspector and click on the ‘Page Styles’ tab then go down to the ‘Font Size’ dropdown menu. You should have the choice from very small to very large and three in the middle! You might have to turn off ‘Use Master Style’ at the top of the ‘Page Styles’ tab if it is ticked.

I did that and it changed a bit when I selected vary large. However it is still small.

I am assuming that the change will apply to all blog posts under that page selection?

How do I save changes for that page so that is is consistent for all of the blog posts?

It should effect all your blog posts including old ones. I would contact Nimblehost support, they are very quick to respond when I have asked questions in the past.

Do you have a very large monitor? Have you published your site and checked it on another device? Sometimes I find the constant changing you do in Rapidweaver isn’t always reflected in the browser on the same Mac due to caches of the old pages.

Their support page:

I tried it in preview. I hope I don’t have to reload the whole website to make such minor changes. The addition of Armadillo seems to require reloading everything, otherwise the upload crashes.