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Maybe I am missing something: I am new to RW and have just created a blog using the box standard blog page. Having just as creation date for each blog a day in the past I was expecting to see exactly these dates in the side bar ( where I unchecked the option to show gaps ).
Interestingly there is a day-difference of 2-3 days between the date entered in the “Date Created” field of an individual blog post and the date shown in the side bar. For example:
Creation date Sidebar date
8.6.2013 2.6.2013
26.9.2014 21.9.2014

Bug ?

Not quite sure if I understand you correctly.

I have just created 4 test blog posts and given them all dates in the past.

All are showing exactly as entered in the RW blog

In the sidebar you should just see month and year - the reason being that if you have 3 entries in say March, they will all be in the March collection

Is the date setting of your server correct?

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Yes, both date and time.

Just have a look:

Creation date is ( and I have triple checked: 23/9/2019 ) but its shown as 21/9/2019

I think I have just realized the problem: I have checked:Archive by week so the first day of the week when the blog post was entered appears. I was, mistakenly, assuming the very day of the blog post should appear.
I have chawed now to “Month” so it looks better.



no need to be sorry! The solution always seems obvious once you’ve found it :slight_smile:

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