Blog: Dates same across categories

The pic shows the issue. All the dates are the same for each post related to the same category even though they were created on different days. I’ve refreshed the date on the blog page but that didn’t make a difference.

Since I’ve not received a reply, does RW have any formal documentation about the blog page? I’d like to get this working correctly.

Here’s a pic in edit mode.

I haven’t tested this as I don’t use the built-in blog feature. Given what’s shown in those two screenshots, though, it looks like a bug with displaying the dates properly. Have you emailed RM support?

Perhaps @tpbradley can help.

Thanks for the reply, Dan. I’m new to the blogging piece so it is the first time using it. Do you do blogging? Which stack do you use?

@tpbradley Don H said you may be some help.

From your screenshot, the date for the “It’s Agriculture” post is not displaying what’s entered in edit mode, which is why I suspect a bug in RW. They’d have to fix it.

I don’t actually blog, but there are many good stacks for it. One commonly mentioned is Poster by @instacks . I’m sure you’ll get lots of recommendations if you want to switch to a stack-based blog system.

The main thing to decide first is if you want “online” blogging. In other words, do you want to be able to add a blog post from anywhere and from any device or are you okay with just adding blogs posts from within RW. That’s a pretty big distinction between many of the blowing solutions.


Thanks again for the comments. For me, within RW will be just fine. My main intent is to help new beekeepers through the first year. And I can do that from the kitchen table!

Here’s what is happening. Every post created in January gets the same date, January 1, 2019. Those in February, February 2, 2019; March, March 3, 2019. And when I post in April I bet it is April 4, 2019.

The latest update of RW8 didn’t fix this.

Wondering why the month/day match? (1/1, 2/2, 3/3). I last used the RW blog when I used RW7 and didn’t have your problem if I remember, but since upgrading to RW8 I am using now using Poster…

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