Blog Page: Ability to go Forward/Backward in RW?

Hello- Does RW have the ability to go forward/Backward in blog pages? None of the themes I have seem to have the feature. I see they all have archive and tag ability.

For example: What happens if someone posts a blog once a day. For obvious reasons, someone wouldn’t have to have 30 blog pages at the end of the month. You’d want to show maybe 10 at the most, but still have the ability to view older blog posts without have to go back an entire month.

Is this even possible in RW?


Versions: Latest version of RW7 and latest version of Stacks using built in RW blog page.

The Rapidweaver default blog plugin doesn’t support paging (ie. links for older and newer posts). To show only a certain number of posts and then automatically load more as the visitor scrolls down on the main blog page, check the free Infinite Scroll: The download package contains instructions how to install. There are other, 3rd party blog options too, for example Armadillo that will create a link for more posts, see Armadillo requires the Stacks plugin.

Thanks @ikemitsu - Good to know.

After all these years and this has never come up as a ‘problem’ with RW? I’ve been using RW since version 3 and never really had much of a need to blog very heavily. This seems like a glaring lack of feature. But at least, once again, the stacks community ‘saves’ the day.