Blogging in Rapidweaver

(henry4ross) #1

I am running a website for a small community group that has about 5 leaders.

The built-in blog only allows me as administrator to insert blog entries by going into Rapidweaver and effectively updating the site.

Is there any way (a stack?) that I can set up separate users so that they can login via a web browser and add their own blog entries? I have Forum software but don’t want to start 2 way communication with the Public !

Pages outside of rapidweaver
(Gabrielle Vickery) #2

We’ve been discussing something very similar here, for someone who wants to edit their site outside of Rapidweaver:

(Leif Ottosson) #3

For blogging you can use:
RW/Writer Stack:
Tumbler Stack:

(michael m.) #4

In my opinion the best solution is the RapidBlog-Plugin, unfortunately it is a plugin and not a stack. It uses the platform. Would be nice to see this as a stack in the future

But maybe there will be an solution for the upcoming Typed platform

(henry4ross) #5

Thanks, that is encouraging

(Mathew Mitchell) #6

Armadillo rocks. Recently came out with version 1.7.5 (or something like that) that had key new features. The developer, Jonathan, at Nimblehost, is working on a major update to version 2. I have no idea when 2 will be released, but I suggest you contact him regarding probable pricing/upgrade costs.

But Armadillo is a delight to use and very flexible in how you set up the look and feel.

(Jena) #7

I’m partial to RW/Writer and it has gotten a lot of new features. I get better google search visibility with it compared to tumblr and blogger

(Dan) #8

While you can’t style it to match an RW theme (yet), is our new online website/blogging platform that allows multiple authors -

It’s invite only at the moment, let me know if you’d like to sign up for an account.


(henry4ross) #9

Thanks. I had your email announcement of Typed but did not appreciate that it did this.

I assume that we would put a link from our site to Typed? What are the costs?

I’d like to try it out

(Dan) #10

We’re still working out pricing, but if you drop me an email we can get you setup with a free trial - dan at realmac software dot com

(henry4ross) #11

I was unable to email you (you did not supply an address) - yes I would like to go ahead


(Dan) #12

Sorry, it’s :smile:

(Garth Poon) #13

It would be so awesome if were integrated with Rapidweaver…imagine being able to add a new page to your Rapidweaver site and have it import your website’s theme and style automatically!

(michael m.) #14

@Dan Will there be a plugin to integrate a Typed blog into a RapidWeaver site?

(Dan) #15

I don’t know at this point, we’re still thinking about how best to integrate them. I think we’ll work something out over time.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #16

I would prefer a stack!! :grin:

(Matt Wilson) #17

And there it is! :grinning: