Blogging in Rapidweaver

I am running a website for a small community group that has about 5 leaders.

The built-in blog only allows me as administrator to insert blog entries by going into Rapidweaver and effectively updating the site.

Is there any way (a stack?) that I can set up separate users so that they can login via a web browser and add their own blog entries? I have Forum software but don’t want to start 2 way communication with the Public !

We’ve been discussing something very similar here, for someone who wants to edit their site outside of Rapidweaver:

For blogging you can use:
RW/Writer Stack:
Tumbler Stack:

In my opinion the best solution is the RapidBlog-Plugin, unfortunately it is a plugin and not a stack. It uses the platform. Would be nice to see this as a stack in the future

But maybe there will be an solution for the upcoming Typed platform

Thanks, that is encouraging

Armadillo rocks. Recently came out with version 1.7.5 (or something like that) that had key new features. The developer, Jonathan, at Nimblehost, is working on a major update to version 2. I have no idea when 2 will be released, but I suggest you contact him regarding probable pricing/upgrade costs.

But Armadillo is a delight to use and very flexible in how you set up the look and feel.

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I’m partial to RW/Writer and it has gotten a lot of new features. I get better google search visibility with it compared to tumblr and blogger

While you can’t style it to match an RW theme (yet), is our new online website/blogging platform that allows multiple authors -

It’s invite only at the moment, let me know if you’d like to sign up for an account.


Thanks. I had your email announcement of Typed but did not appreciate that it did this.

I assume that we would put a link from our site to Typed? What are the costs?

I’d like to try it out

We’re still working out pricing, but if you drop me an email we can get you setup with a free trial - dan at realmac software dot com

I was unable to email you (you did not supply an address) - yes I would like to go ahead


Sorry, it’s :smile:

It would be so awesome if were integrated with Rapidweaver…imagine being able to add a new page to your Rapidweaver site and have it import your website’s theme and style automatically!


@Dan Will there be a plugin to integrate a Typed blog into a RapidWeaver site?

I don’t know at this point, we’re still thinking about how best to integrate them. I think we’ll work something out over time.

I would prefer a stack!! :grin:

And there it is! :grinning:

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