Blog posts/pages

I’m going to be starting releasing Blog content so to safeguard myself I have one pressing question.

When using RW and creating a Blog page if I release say one blog post a week through the site and after a period of time if I were to stop using RW and go to a custom built website would I be able to port all my blog post activity into another site and not lose the time stamps of the created content?

The short answer is no, not in an automated method. It could obviously be copied and pasted.

So with that in mind thats why people have external Blog services?

I just don’t want to go down the road of creating a couple of years worth of content and it being totally un re-usuable in the future.

Put a post on the forums about ‘Blogging’ and look what pops up in my email client…leave it out RealMac!

I suppose the flip-side could be true too though: if you use a 3rd party service to do your blogging, and they go in the tank (or change pricing and force you to switch, etc) - do you have/own the content or does it stay with the service?

The “news” you are seeing is not really “news” (that option has been out for awhile), but it’s marketing to buy the RMS video tutorials. That’s fine if you want/ need it.

There’s LOTS of options for blogging including:

  1. Armadillo
  2. YabDab’s WordPress stack
  3. Total CMS
  4. and sure others I’m not thinking of at the moment.

It may be worthwhile learning Markdown so you can easily store all your posts in something like Scrivener, Ulysses, or other.

Dating blogs is typically not a problem: most allow you to set your own date (i.e. not the date when you actually post)

I think its just coincidence, I received that email also without any ref to blogs on the forum

Yeah totally agree with that hence trying to find out whats the best way to do it all. I guess having the content in your own site helps with SEO etc

Thats good to know regards to the dating aspect thats one of my main reasons around the original question.

You’d want to double-check each service carefully. But it’s very typical that you can “control” the date of publication.

I also forgot one fantastic option: the Poster stack. This is very flexible and is great if you want to blog within RW. It’s stack based, very flexible, and allows you to use other stacks within your blog posts. This is a great option if you want to post within RW. If not, and if you want a CMS, then the others are much better options.


I just had a very unpleasant experience with the Yabdab WordPress Stack. I think it is important to share. I am on and in my experience they are quite good at everything I need. I have had a wordpress installation on one of my sites for a long time. After reading this forum entry, I decided to get the Yabdab stack because I use PayLoom from them and am satisfied with it. But I could not get it to run as there were php errors with variable grabbing. It took me one week with their tech support to understand that they cannot get it to work and I suspect they never tried (although the stack works fine on a WordPress hosted website I created to test) even though I sent them a lot of information and created info pages for my environment, they gave me no feedback other than to ask for root access which I would not give due to the other clients I host. Ultimately, I had to get a refund, but it was a painful process. So be warned that their stack may or may not work depending, and if it does not work, most likely it will not work due to their not being amenable to insuring it works on various hosting environments. So now I am back to either trying to find an alternative or simply accepting that my wordpress page looks different and the navigation is screwed up. Sigh! I really wanted this stack to work too!