Moving standard blog page to a blog stack?

Hi Folks

I have been using the in built blog page on RW for a while but want to be able to blog from anywhere. I think I see two choices in stacks

  1. blog stack - though this seems to work when you have typed and certain themes?
    2.RW/Writer stack -

My requirements are simple -

  1. blog from anywhere
  2. If i can not lose all my previous posts on the in billy page - so importing/transferring must be easy.

Any thoughts on the choices and possible solutions?

Thanks in advance

Pulse CMS is fantastic:
There’s even an app for Mac, PC, iOS and Android.

Here’s the free package made by Jannis of inStacks;


Be aware though that Pulse has now gone to subscription pricing:

And here a great project pushing Pulse CMS blog to the limits:


David: Good point. Pulse seems to have changed pricing several times over the past year (different pricing when it was “fixed” at different times). So the problem for me is I have no idea what pricing will look like in the future (i.e. near future). And do they still respect legacy licences? Can they also upgrade to 4.7?

When pricing is ambiguous or confusing, then who cares what cool stuff you can do with it.

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Thanks @instacks forgot to mention my own stuff :laughing:

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Yes, that is possible.

Thanks all, I’m a bit reluctant to pay fees right now and was looking for something simpler really. What about the RW/W stack I mentioned - anyone tried that?

Good point Mathew!

When you look at many of these blog solutions, they’re just too pricey for the average user. And to see that Pulse charges a sign up fee is very unusual. I thought sign up fees had gone the way of Netscape.

The only blog solution I would consider is Armadillo, even then I’m reluctant to rely on third party for a solution.

I bought RapidCart quite recently, and though I haven’t needed any support from them, it’s frightening to hear that others haven’t had support tickets replied to in weeks.

RW/Writer has a monthly fee.

Oh - thanks for that. I’ll take a look…