Blog shows only the last five posts?

How do I get the blog site to show all the posts (there are dozens of them, which can also be accessed in the corresponding categories via the sidebar)? How do I get the blog page to show page 2, 3, …, etc. ?

There is a setting in the Blog List stack where you can exactly define how many posts should be shown. There is no setting for switching to page 2, 3 etc. (this will probably come with TCMS2), but further down in the stacks settings you can choose wether more posts should be shown by click or dynamically…

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Thank you very much. I will go and look for it ! I forgot that the Blog was made with Stacks, so I didn’t check the right settings.

Oops, I just noticed that you may not be using Total CMS for your Blog but the normal RapidWeaver built-in Blog, right? My suggestion was specially related to TCMS, not the normal RW Blog, sorry.

If you are using the builtin RW blog page plugin then you can change this value:


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