Blog summary page & shop together?

I built my base 3 page website, bought the RW license and now I am struggling with what paid stacks & themes to accomplish what I need. I have searched so many but I can’t tell from the demo sites and there are no trials.

Ideally, I need to build a website that has:

  1. a Blog that:
    a) has a summary page with an image and a snipit (not all blog entries in a big long list). This is a great example of what I mean:
    b) has a search function
    c) blog categories for categorising or multiple blogs that can flow into one
  2. a small shop.

It seems to me that a blog and a shop together should be normal but the themes seem to focus on one or the other. Am I missing something? I really appreciate recommendations.

Thank you!

This can easily be done with Total CMS blog. It has two views of the blog, list and card, and this view would be the list view.

Total CMS has a search function.

Total CMS has categories that you can list out too. You can have multiple blogs, but they can not be melded in terms of category. But you asked for one or the other, and it does have categories.

Think you are a little confused. Themes only show what the site will look like. They can have specific things that work with shops or blogs, but you can use a blog with any theme or a shop with any theme. I do not think there is any CMS or blog out there right now that can do both.

You can see what Total CMS can do here:

Thank you! I had not come across Total CMS and even better it has a trial
period for me to understand it. :slight_smile: