Blogs, podcasts, vidcasts, calendar, ecommerce...What solutions would you recommend?


I’ve been tasked with redeveloping an existing site that is in Wordpress. The site currently has the following functionality:

  • Paypal (donations and gift aid)
  • Ecommerce (Shopify)
  • Podcast playable on the website and linking through to iTunes (stored on Amazon S3)
  • Vidcasts (Vimeo/Youtube & Amazon S3))
  • Blog (1 post per day)
  • Event calendar
  • Eventbrite ticketing

New functionality required:

  • Calendar display from another solution via API (Elvanto)
  • Multiple users to update different aspects of the site
  • Multi-lingual Punjabi & Chinese as well as English
  • Multiple blogs

I would leave it in Wordpress, but the recent mass hack and continual bombardment of the admin section is a concern.

Would TotalCMS handle this?

Any other solutions anyone could recommend?

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Wow, no replies.

Does this mean people think RW is not the right solution?

It means you are asking a very very specific question, one or more points of which people may not feel like they can address.


With Stacks, Foundation (or another open framework) and TotalCms you can do just about anything. I have yet to find anything that just can’t be done in one way or another.

But as @Mathew mentioned, If you are asking someone to give you a shopping list of what you will need to do all the above, I doubt that anyone will say “I did exactly that here is how you do it”.

Me, I would start with foundation and TotalCms as a base and start building. I don’t see anything in that list that would make me say “Can’t be done”

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Does TotalCMS support multiple users? Can I create a user to access some aspects of the site, but not others?

In TotalCMS, you develop/design the admin pages, so you can separate or group them however you want.

Yes, you can easily create different admin pages for different people to access. Just add a protect stack to those pages with different passwords and only give out the passwords to the people you want to work on those pages. The nice thing about Total CMS and being able to create your own admin pages.

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@zeebe @swilliam

Many thanks,

Does that work in any way similar to assigning the role of “Author” or “Editor” in Wordpress?

Can TotalCMS import a Wordpress blog?

It can not import a Wordpress blog right now. There is an importer for Tumblr, since Joe made a Tumblr stack that now does not work, he thought he should get that done first. He does want to add more options like Wordpress and others, just no ETA on when.

About Assigning the role of author or editor, not sure. You just have to add a protect stack to each admin area. Then make different passwords for those areas and give those passwords to the people you want to control each area.

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Armadillo allows you to assign roles similar to WordPress. I love using Armadillo and the roles function works fantastically well.

(Armadillo does not import WordPress.)

My guess is most (perhaps all) of the things you want to do can be done in conjunction with Armadillo. I don’t know if it’s a better solution for you than Total CMS though. You’d have to explore both. You’d also have to ask the Armadillo developer about Punjabi and Chinese. I know it supports Chinese, but not sure about Punjabi.


regarding ecommerce you should have a look on cartloom
event calendar => here
eventbrite…never before heard of it, i beliefe there is no rw-solution for this yet, needs to be inserted by hand
all the rest => total cms :wink:

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