Online Catalogue Plugins

Hi Everyone

I am looking for a RW plugin that I can use to manage an online catalogue of 30-40 products. I don’t need e-commerce or shopping cart buttons, but pretty much everything else.

Any recommendations?


I haven’t used it but this one looks like it might work well for you: Light Page -

This looks really promising. I just need to be sure I can get rid of the “Add to Cart” button on the full page.

Sure, you can do it…


My client has confirmed he has about 20 products to put online. Content will be managed by me, so I don’t need a CMS. I need pretty much everything that an E-commerce site would need, but no Buy Now, or Add to Card button / functionality.

This Stack looks pretty good. Has anyone used it? I would like to see more examples of what others have done with it.

Thanks for all your help so far.

Another question… about these stacks. Do they only work with a pre-defined RW theme or will they work with sites created with Foundation?

Yup, works great with Foundation and probably any other theme out there

I purchased LighPage and I am currently using it on the project I needed it for, but I am not 100% happy with it. The thumbnails on the main page on scale down to fit, they don’t re-align themselves. That makes it tricky to find real-estate for text.

I am still trying to make a proper online catalogue without a database. I wish there was a nice plugin that could be used like a BLOG, but for products. I am still open to suggestions. If there is nothing out there I will probably resort to just creating a dedicated page for each product and calling it a day.

If anyone knows of any other catalogue style plugins please let me know.


Rapidcart Pro can be used in “catalog” mode which makes an online catalog without the shopping cart / transactional features. The “starter” version should be fine for that. Might be worth having a look at the demo: