Blogging advice

Hey everyone!
I am looking for some friendly advice.
I podcast. I write articles. I blog. (
I want to simplify things and as such, I think I am going to migrate (is “migrate” the right word?) all my content into one blog and then separate them into different categories.
Would it be helpful to use a different blogging software (WP, Blogger, etc.) rather than the native software installed in Rapidweaver? One of the reasons I am attracted to these other blogging services is because Libsyn can sync with them.
Is this too loaded a question?
Thanks in advance everyone :smile:

Cannot tell you anything about syncing with Libsyn (never heard about this) but would suggest to have a look at Armadillo and RW Writer.

Armadillo 2 is really good.

Armadillo 2 rocks! Simply the best option out there, and simple to set up.

I have no idea re: Libsyn and Armadillo. You may want to ask the developer.

Why not have a look at Realmac’s

It’s in its infancy, and not yet truly launched, though if you want to simplify, why complicate it…might be worth a look.

Thanks everyone!
I podcast using Libsyn and it can sync automatically to some blogging platforms (such as Word Press), however, it doesn’t sync to the native blogging platform in Rapidweaver.
When I publish my podcast in Libsyn I have to input a fair amount of info and it will automatically export to Word Press, Blogger, etc.
However, it won’t export to the native blogging app in Rapidweaver giving me twice as much work to do…
Thanks again for all your input! I will look into Typed and Armadillo!

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