Blog stacks plugin?

Is there a good stacks plugin for blogs?

Short answer: no, not that work with Stacks directly.

Longer answer: there are some great blog alternatives out there. I really like Armadillo, but there are other good options as well. More on Armadillo here:

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Have a look at this FAQ…

My Total CMS should have a blog pretty soon as well…

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Agree with @Mathew armadillo works well. Make sure your host supports MySQL. Pretty easy to setup and its hosted on your site, no overhead or other cost such as monthly fees per domain licenses. Sign up for the newsletter on the nimble host site and they will email you a discount code.

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Hi guys,

Sure there is. RW/Writer is a full featured blog solution that works directly with stacks and the Stacks plugin. That’s what it was designed for. It includes the RW/Writer web app where you log in using any device from anywhere on any platform to make blog posts with, that are then dynamically loaded into the RW/Writer blog stack on a RapidWeaver site page.

You can find out more about it here:

and go to the RW/Writer web site for more details here:

Hope that helps you out.


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Charlie, is RW/Writer still around? Having trouble getting to the site because of ‘certificate’ issues and got a ‘404’ page when clicking on the rapidweavercommunity link you left. Thanks.

I believe Yuzool took over RW Writer and perhaps migrated users to his Pulse CMS system

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These links don’t work.

I am using the stack for blog…works well and allows users to do updates. May be old but it does work.

It’s a 4-year old thread…

The post you’re replying to is from 2015, and RW/Writer was passed on to @yuzool since then, so you’d want to check with @yuzool about them and not Charlie, who wrote the post you replied to.

That said there’s many blog solutions out there now like, Alloy, GoCMS, Total CMS, etc. which you can find on the Community site.

Aren’t these all dependant on having other add-ons?
I just have a simple site with stacks. Just want to plug in a stack to blog with for now. I plan on upgrading to something like Foundation/Total CMS, etc. In the future though.

Alloy needs Foundry, I believe. GoCMS and Total CMS work independently of theme. Poster is another excellent one but you update via Rapidweaver currently (I think that’s set to change in the future)


Poster: With the markdown folder integration, you are able to use a list of text or markdown files located in a server side folder to render a Poster blog.
This allows you to to create dynamically blog posts posts without the need to open RapidWeaver.


Armadillo doesn’t have any theme dependencies (just need Stacks and RW) and includes full blogging functionality - even allowing for multiple blogs on the same site.


Hi Andy,

No after 2 years or so, we turned RW Writer, its files, and the domain over to Michael at Yuzool and he maintained it for a while until he closed it, and then migrated users over to Pulse CMS like Jason told you. Sorry for any confusion on the domain links too. I thought it had expired by now.


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Can you insert images in the blog posts?

Yes, you can indeed.


Thanks Jon. Are there any other examples of sites using Armadillo other than the ‘preview’/‘demo?’

Here is a quick sample using Blogger