Blog stacks plugin?

(Andy Moose Dude) #1

Is there a good stacks plugin for blogs?

(Mathew Mitchell) #2

Short answer: no, not that work with Stacks directly.

Longer answer: there are some great blog alternatives out there. I really like Armadillo, but there are other good options as well. More on Armadillo here:

(Joe Workman) #3

Have a look at this FAQ…

My Total CMS should have a blog pretty soon as well…

(Doug Bennett) #4

Agree with @Mathew armadillo works well. Make sure your host supports MySQL. Pretty easy to setup and its hosted on your site, no overhead or other cost such as monthly fees per domain licenses. Sign up for the newsletter on the nimble host site and they will email you a discount code.

(Charlie Lockhart) #5

Hi guys,

Sure there is. RW/Writer is a full featured blog solution that works directly with stacks and the Stacks plugin. That’s what it was designed for. It includes the RW/Writer web app where you log in using any device from anywhere on any platform to make blog posts with, that are then dynamically loaded into the RW/Writer blog stack on a RapidWeaver site page.

You can find out more about it here:

and go to the RW/Writer web site for more details here:

Hope that helps you out.