👋 Blogging with Stacks Plugin Power - Say hello to Poster Stack

You are searching for a Stacks Plugin based blogging stack? No CMS, no online blogging, no complex setup?

Then Poster Stack is here for you. Works perfectly with Foundry, Foundation, or any other RW theme.

Community page: http://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/poster-stack
Demo pages: http://posterdemo.instacks.com
Tutorial: https://instacks.com/posterstack/tutorial/
Review by Rob: http://rapidweaver.ninja/news/?post_id=253&title=new-rapidweaver-blog-concept
Review by Michael: https://www.therapage-apfelcomputer.de/blogpost/poster-stack-rapidweaver
Review by Neil: https://neilegginton.com/blog/?post=poster-a-new-blog-stack-for-rapidweaver

Thanks to @Barbara @apfelpuree @Volker @webdeer @Elixir @yuzool @NeilUK @mabinogion @weaver @jochenabitz for their tests and help!


This is a brilliant new stack and a game changer in many ways. If you want to create a blog using RW and edit the blog using RW (in a similar way to the RW Blog) then this is perfect and creates a very slick and current looking blog. Also perfect for many other type of layout.


As the previous comments say, Poster is a game changer and is a very welcome addition for RW users.

As I’m a big user of Foundry, the Poster stack is an absolute must if you need a quick and easy to integrate a blog.

I wish @instacks every success with this.


Could’ve come one day earlier…Spent all day yesterday reproducing a blog in Foundation from another site…!

Bought Poster today (a no brainer) and it only took 2 hours to transfer it all into Poster - best Stack I’ve bought this year!


It was hard for me to visualize how this stack really worked based on text descriptions. But the 13 minute tutorial video was extremely helpful to me. Seems to be a very exciting product!

Here’s the direct link:


Thanks @Mathew. I hope the video and audio quality was ok. Not easy to record these… Maybe will record an additional one next week.


Please, add more info about tags/dates. Do you have a plan to make an external stack for tagging/dating post from Poster stack? How i can see at demo pages, if i press tag, i can’t select other ones from hidden posts. Just back to full list of posts and select other tag. Same thing with dates of posts. Other reason to have this external stack is ability to place it on sidebar, or other place on page (and may be fix it here). Thank You!

Yes, it is planned to provide such an “external stack” / a stack for retrieving archives of tags and categories, which can be placed inside an sidebar.

I am also thinking of archives for dates, but step by step :slight_smile:


Yes, more videos would probably be very helpful. Thanks!


Great and happy purchase! Nicely done. Excited also about the features you’ll be adding in the future. I’ll be using this with Foundry for a couple of websites I’m developing this summer. Excited to use it in my new projects!


I assume to meta tags and open graph tags did not make the first release, is this correct? Plans for a future update?

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Yes, as described here, this will be done in a future upgrade: https://instacks.com/posterstack/


Be sure to keep us posted about updates.

Wonderful stack! Wish you all the best!



Looks good.

How viable is this when you get to a few hundred posts or over 1,000?

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I don’t think any Stacks page with an amount of 1.000 stacks is viable.

I did a quick test with 100 posts, and both RW Stacks page edit mode handling and live performance on PHP server was very good. Of course generating the content before publishment or preview will take its time (around 5 sec on a 2 year old MacBook Pro) for that amount of content, but also the RW Plugin page takes its time for content generation :smiley::+1:


Thanks all for the overwhelming nice reaction on Poster Stack!

Version 1.1.0 is out, and it brings the requested categories and tags archive.

See a demo of it here.

Next will be the date archive, stay tuned :slight_smile:


Great additional enhancements and I am not surprised you are overwhelmed with the response.

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Awsome work. Bringing a true blog solution to RapidWeaver Stacks is something I’ve wished for for a long time… and here it is :slight_smile: Now with categories and tags – great.

All we need now is RapidWeaver for the iPhone. Kiddin’ :slight_smile:

I believe theres a lot of sites – there’s a lot of weavers – who don’t need an online solution for a blog, but just want to be able to style within RapidWeaver Stacks – and make it look georgeous.

A blog can be use for so much more than a blog – I’ve used it – by the way – for a restaurant site. Tags were used for ingredients, categories for… well… categories. But this way I could use the blog plugin to make it easy for customers to find dishes with a special kind of ingredients / meet / spices / etc. (tags) or dishes with a different kind of nationalities (categories).

Well cooked!


Abs loving this stack! So simple to use, so powerful and just one simple stack.

Thanks once again @InStacks for an amazing solution to a problem!