Blogs, stacks, and CMSs

So I’m looking to set up a website (just a private site - if you’re interested, hosted on the gigabit connection to my shed :slight_smile: ) and want to take advantage of a stacks-based layout while using a blog format. I’m not keen on a subscription-based model, and although I’d be fine with just updating from RapidWeaver, it seems that’s not really an option.

Reading through the forum, there’s a lot of praise for Armadillo, and it seems to do what I want, but when I went to their website it looks as though the main developer (Jonathan ?) has left for ventures new, and it’s only in a “support mode” now.


  • Is this correct ?
  • If it is correct, what’s the best alternative CMS that would allow me to use a stacks-based approach to creating a blog ?

Thanks very much in advance for any info :slight_smile:

If you’re ok with updating from Rapidweaver then Poster from Instacks would be a good option


Thankyou - that looks perfect for what I want :slight_smile:

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I got an email from Jonathan today. He assured me that Armadillo is and will be actively developed. He just has some extra responsibilities not related to his professional ones at the time. He hopes to be done with them shortly.

Good to know. I’ve actually gone and bought Poster though, it seems perfect for my (admittedly, limited) needs :slight_smile:


@SpacedCowboy Thanks, glad it works out for you :smile: