CMS Blog Options? Stacks, PHP scripts, etc

I’m looking around at what new, or not new but previously missed by me, CMS blog options there are out there that play nice with RW. It’s for a site that isn’t Foundry so Alloy is not an option. I’m aware of and do use Armadillio, but I need more styling options. I’m not a fan of TCMS so that isn’t an option.

I need the blog item to offer SEO and have unique article links, so some sort of iframe solution isn’t an option.

I normally use one of a couple of PHP Scripts for CMS blogs, but I just fancy looking at alternatives.

I’d love to hear about what folk are using and if poss links to demos/live installs. I don’t need any suggestions to be stacks based. I’m happy with scripts and addons etc.

Hi @TemplateRepo , before switching to Alloy, I used Blogspot for a while. It links to a blog created in Google.

Not as styled as Alloy, but it worked.


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Thanks, but should have said, I don’t really want to use some sort of external blog (a la Blogspot etc.) and then embed that into a site. I want either a PHP script or similar that is hosted on my server.

Out of interest: what’s wrong with a hosted Wordpress?

I don’t use Wordpress. No interest in using it.

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@TemplateRepo is waiting for the online editor. Me too.



No about page, no contact page, no privacy policy, no terms and conditions. It’s just “give me your money”. It looks dodgy to me, and I’m no GDPR worryguts.


Yes, hopefully Poster online editor is coming soon.

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