Armadillo newbie


Have just joined the forum. I decided to set my website up using RW as found it easy to use, and great for setting up for mobile devices etc.

I need to start blogging, so looked at Easy CMS, and Total CMS, which Easy didn’t do enough, and Total I didn’t want to pay the subs for. As it’s my business website and I don’t produce them for anyone else.

So plummed for Armadillo, this is where I am stuck. I’ve set it up, installed great, though can’t work out what the stacks in RW do. And can’t find a user guide, bar the FAQ’s on Nimblesoft.

I could create content using the online dashboard, but don’t quite get how if it is possible how to do it in RW.

Does anyone have any resources that explain what to do, a la Joe Workmans type tutorials.

Thanks in advance.



About 10 months ago I made a very quick video about how to install and use Armadillo. Although I made it “quickly”, the video itself is long (42 min). Put simply, it’s far far from perfect or complete. But it still may be helpful:

A good chunk of the content covers installation: so that may not be useful. But hard to know if you have flaws in your setup: so that installation bit may still be useful.

You can’t create content in RW. The whole purpose of Armadillo is so you can create content via the online tool. There are some things you can control via RW, but not content creation per se.

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Will watch this with interest, thanks for the reply.

My install has worked fine, even conquered the not so obvious 123-reg database settings! May post back if ok to clear any other points up.