Bonehead question about CMS

I have a rudimentary question about CMS.

I like the movie in my head about how Joe’s CMS works. The concept of being able to create blogs and modify content from a browser seems quite elegant. What I am curious about is how it works with platforms other than Foundation.

To create a website that can be managed via CMS do I need to start from scratch and build it all inside CMS or is there a way I can apply the CMS to already existing websites that are built using everybody else’s stacks?

My current website is built with Foundry and uses a fair amount of Will Woodgate’s stacks and Paragraph Pro etc. Can I keep that website intact and use Joe Workman’s CMS to update images, text, blogs etc?

As far as I know and have heard Joe’s CMS will work with all themes and frameworks including Foundry. There might be some very odd theme it doesn’t work with but Foundry and other modern frameworks (Platform, UIKit, and others) should be just dandy.

The only CMS I have used is Armadillo and you can add it to an already built site. Armadillo is really easy to use and very powerful. It is Stacks based so you can add it to a stacks page. I always create a separate page for the main Armadillo stack and then add the blog stacks to any page I want.

TotalCms will work with any theme or framework, it doesn’t need foundation. That being said foundation6 has some settings and swatches that make things a bit easier to integrate with other stacks Joe makes and that includes Tcms

Hi Tim. I’m not specifically sure about Foundry as I don’t have it. But I too understand that Total CMS works with any framework. As to your question. If you have a site built with Foundry and wish to “improve” the site and add CMS capability. Then yes, one could open their project file and begin adding elements from Total CMS, and then edit/update/ and change those elements with any browser. Total cms is really just a set of stacks and can be combined with other stacks on any given page.

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