Does Total CMS need Foundation 6?

I’m testing Total CMS for a client’s site and to speed up the process I am using the pre-defined project, but it needs Foundation 6. So, my question is, do I need Foundation 6 to use Total CMS? And is there anywhere where I can download a trial version of Foundation 6 to go with my trial version of Total CMS?

No TCMS does not require Foundation it will work with any theme or framework.

As Scott points out no need to have foundation 6 for tcms to work. There is no foundation 6 trial that I’m aware of. Do you have foundation (the original version)? If so @joeworkman May have an older project file for you to use/reverse engineer. That’s how I learn beat as well…take something that is working and dig into it. All that said you could still copy the tcms elements out of the foundation 6 project file and paste them into another theme.

thank you

Great, thank you. Will try that. Don’t have Foundation. Working with Foundry. Many thanks.

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Hi Dan,
Perhaps you can assist me further with Total CMS if you have the time? I can see that TCMS is a very powerful stack and that I will probably take the better part of the 30 day trial to figure it out. That being said, I need to (very quickly) put together a demo page to show a WordPress client that she can achieve the same on the RW platform, if not more. Is there TCMS 101 or basic setup document/video which will help with the basics/“foundations”? I really cannot go through all the videos at this point in time, although I know I need to do that to get the most out of the stack, eventually.

If you or anyone else here can assist, that would be much appreciated and a great help.

Total CMS is very flexible and you can do many things with it from simple to complicated. I count myself as a ‘simple’ user here but I do employ 3 ‘blogs’ on one site - 2 of these are more or less traditional blogs and the third is a member merchandise page rather than a blog proper.

I also use simple CMS text entry that allows admins to add text on an admin page that then appears wherever I want it to on any ‘public’ page.

If you don’t have time to go through the videos in detail, why not try this half-hour TCMS blog setup.

Joe, unfortunately nothing comes to mind outside of the project file and videos from joe Workman. Gary’s suggestion should help with any blog related needs. Are there any specific elements of tcms that you are trying to implement? Or perhaps more detail on what your clients needs are?

Thanks Gary. I’ll go through it. Sound like what I need.

Hi Dan. I think the main features are a Gallery with current projects and then also a more traditional blog. But I think I was just a bit overwhelmed. :grin: I’ll try the video Gary suggested and take it from there.

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

Best of luck. Once one understands the basics of total cms it’s really pretty straightforward.

Looking forward to laughing at myself then! :grin:

Ha I know the feeling :joy: Also the group over at @joeworkman and his weavers space can help. If you run into any specific challenges/questions post them here or over at weavers space plenty of folks willing to help.


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