Foundation (or Foundry) and themes

Hi. Totally newbie.

Is it useful (and possible, or recommendable) to use a complex and swiss-army-knife tool like Foundation or Foundry for modifying (profoundly) a pre-existing theme?

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If I understand the question, Foundry or Foundation are NOT tools for modifying other themes (or their own theme). They are both frameworks that come with themes that have a lot of the common tools built in.

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@teefers is correct. Foundation & Foundry are both themes that have their own stacks that allow you to pretty much design whatever you want. You need to have the stacks plugin as well.

Both are solid options, (I own both), and for reasons I can’t really explain, I ended up preferring Foundry over Foundation. But support from both developers is top notch, and you can’t really go wrong with either.


Thank you very much. These answers respond perfectly to my doubts! Maybe is it correct to affirm that Foundry is a little bit more user-friendly than Foundation but a little bit less powerful (i.e. with less dedicated stacks etc.)?

@gnolito I’m not sure that Foundry is less powerful than Foundation (i.e. less dedicated stack). It may be, but it doesn’t strike me as so. Both have plenty of stacks that come with the basic purchase, plus both offer add-on stack packages.

Keep in mind that with both you can almost always use other stacks that you already own. You don’t need to use Foundry-only or Foundation-only stacks. What you can’t do is use Foundation stacks within Foundry or visa versa. But if you own Gallery 3 stack, or Repository, or Pro Gallery (or any number of other stacks) they will continue to work well in either Foundry or Foundation.

I don’t think there’s an answer to the question “what one is better”.

This has been asked before on this forum, so please search the forum first.

Once you’ve searched the forum, gone through some of both vendors tutorials, then come back and post specific questions.

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If you like to warehouse images, Foundation will do this with its image stack, Foundry does not. Both support 3rd part stacks that could also warehouse images though.

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