Basic question about using Stacks, Foundry, Foundation, etc

Hi everyone. Just getting started with RapidWeaver. Along with the program itself, I have also purchased Stacks and Foundation.

Before I get started, I’ve been watching the tutorials online, most recently the ones that are about creating using Stacks and Foundry and then another one on using Stacks and Foundation.

So here’s a basic question. Is this a case where you decide beforehand whether you are going to use Foundation Stacks OR Foundry Stacks OR any other company’s stacks for your website?


Once you have started with, say, Foundation Stacks, might you also interject some Foundry Stacks into your website? Meaning, do you have to stick with one company all the way through? Or no, as you build a website you use Stacks from all sorts of companies?

Just trying to wrap my head around the process before I get going in trying to build a website.

Thank in advance for any knowledge you care to share.


Okay hold on…
While 99% of the stacks out there will work with any theme or framework. The stacks that are part of a framework (like foundation or foundry, uikit, source, etc.) are specific to that framework. In general you can’t use a foundation stack in foundry and opposite is true also. But, you can use a “general purpose” stack like a slide show, gallery, map, etc, etc. in virtually any theme or framework.

It’s not as complicated as it sounds, it’s just that the frameworks come with stacks specific to them, while themes generally do not.


Aha. Ok. Thanks for that! Helps a lot in my conceptualizing this RW world.

Like on the Big White Duck site, they have a “Foundation Only”, so I presume those only work on Foundation, but all of their other stacks would work on Foundry, Foundation, etc.

Ok. Makes sense.

Much appreciated!


I believe the Big White Duck “Foundation Only” stacks are for the older Foundation 1. I don’t think they work with the new version (Foundations 6).

This is correct, they are made for Foundation 1 and have not been updated for Foundation 6

Thank you so much, teeters and zebu, for pointing out that the BWD stacks are for F1. Much appreciated!

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