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Hi there,

I am doing research for a booking solution for mij restaurant website. I use now the formloom 2 stack for my customers but i have the problem that they make reservations on the same day as they want to eat. That is a dissater for my chef. The solution is a system that checks also the date and double reservations so the customer gets a pop up with that the date is occupied.

anyone ideas or solutions??


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This is very good and free, I have it running on a few restaurants

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They have quite cool solutions at PHPjabbers, should be easy to implement into a RW site…

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I have just integrated a phpjabbers time slot booking script into a school website last week and it was pretty easy to set up. I can’t show you the page as it isn’t a public page but it works a treat. You just have to copy the script and paste it into a HTML stack wherever you want it. I put it in an Elixir Focus stack with no problems at all. It was not expensive and is a one off fee unlike a lot of similar products out there.

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This is getting very close to what we want to work with!

Thank you for your advise i have contacted the developer because i want to test the Resturant Booking System before i purchase and the demo is not full so i want to test all the functions.

Thank you.

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sounds great! i will give it a try…