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My client wants me to create or integrate a scheduling app into their website. Currently they take booking requests through a simple form that requests their preferred dates, time, and number of people. Their business has taken off and they now would like to try and automate the process to make it easier on their end.

Does anyone have any ideas is their are any RW Plugins or Stacks that can be used to help make this a reality?

If not, I may have to create a custom solution in FileMaker and link to it from their existing website. This would end up costing a lot more money then they are probably willing to spend.

If there are no Stacks or Plugins for this… goes anyone know of a good 3rd party provider that would offer this type of solution?

If the need is REALLY simple, try Google Calendar and there is a plug-in for that called DateSnap…

If it is a little more complex, maybe something like this might be useful: That could be incorporated via an iFrame, etc.

@thebugnut, @JCMII has some good suggestions, however, be careful with DateSnap as it is RW5 and Stacks 2 only. It is made by YabDab and their current iteration of a calendar plug-in is called DateLoom. I have found it to be excellent with RW entered data and Google Calendar related data. The nice thing about this plugin is that you can link multiple shared google calendars, give their own colour code and display them on their site.

As far as ‘taking bookings’ through a calendar plugin/stack for rapid weaver, I know of none, but you could use a shared google calendar, name it Requests and allow people to post their preferred booking date/time in that calendar and that will show up on the calendar in your site, the client can then call the customer, confirm booking date and time and move the calendar entry to another calendar that will show as busy on the page. DateLoom will only show busy times of each day.

YabDab support has been awesome and they are working on the next version (still in beta) of DateLoom.

Hope I explained that well and that it helps.

Actually these are the requirements

Intel-based Mac
Mac OS X 10.7 or higher
RapidWeaver 5 or higher
Stacks 2.5 or higher
PHP 5.3 +

Found on the righthand side of this site
under documentation, so it should work great with RapidWeaver 6 and Stacks 3. Since it is a stack and not a plugin like Dateloom, it is not subject to the 64bit issue plugins have with RapidWeaver 6.

After a quick look online, I think I will probably set my client up with a 3rd party solution and just integrate it into the site. They also want to be able to take payments when booking so people don’t show up with 1/2 the number of people they booked for the event and brush it off.

The current website is called Iron Nation Axe Throwing

I am looking at the following online solution for booking and deposits. Check Front

I was looking at the “Made for Stacks 2” at the bottom of that column and that the vimeo support video was made a year ago. :smile:

Thank you for the correction.


You could always try integrating something like this:

They’ve got a live demo there so you can get the gist of how it works, along with the admin panel.

Very cool. I didn’t even think of going that rout.

Is there any update since Nov.2015 from Developer’s of RW Themes, Plugins etc. that can meet this huge demand for online Scheduling and taking payments, managing multiple calendars?

For example:
or this one:

With at least most of these Features:
Appointment Scheduling
Automated Scheduling
Calendar Management
Class Scheduling
Employee Scheduling
Facility Scheduling
Group Scheduling
Meeting Room Booking or any other Resource
Online Scheduling
Payment Processing
Resource Scheduling

I already contacted Joe Workman from Foundation, but no intentions there and also the people behind RapidCart Pro have only a ‘date’ option, but this is to limited when you have to book per minutes/hours… Well look at the features and you will understand.

Anybody have a solution for NOW and I am wanting to avoid having extra (monthly) costs for my client.

I’d love someone to pipe in with something. I’m about to add Acuity to a project for a client (and pass on the costs, natch).

PhpJabbers has a variety of scheduling and booking scripts, may be worth a look see

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For any developers listening, I’d also love to have this as a stack or plugin. I think it would sell very well

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Thanks! Looking at ‘Time Slots Booking Calendar’ from PHPJabbers.

How will the scripts you think behave within a responsible RW theme like Foundation on a tablet and mobile device?

You will need to check with them and ask if it is fully responsive. Some of their scripts are some are not. They will be able to give you the details.
I’ve used a couple of their scripts and even had one customized, they are very professional and easy to deal with, Just shoot them an email.

Adding a comment for any developers following this thread.
I too would be extremely interested in a Booking Calendar
for a Holiday Rental site. PLEASE!!