Looking for a "slot" or "booking" solution

Hello all.

I tried to search hard, but to be fair: the amount of stacks available is getting overwhelming (which is good, btw.)

Let me explain: I am looking for a solution to offer “(time) slots” for guests / vistitors to book. This could be anything from a one or two availble slots Mon to Fri and three to four slots on Sat and Sun. And also I want to limit the availability to one or two weeks.

I would also like to show the available slots to the visitor.

So it’s a bit of a holiday rental booking system combine with something a hair dresser would use.

Makes sense what I am writing?

EDIT: I think a combination of DateSnap (Displaying calendars and bookings, aka Events) and Booking from Nick would be a perfect fit.


I don’t have this one but think it has most of what you want. @yuzool’s Booking Stack.


Hi Doug.

I have looked into it, it’s a good start, but still lacks lots of stuff. There’s no manual online, so I don’t know if there’s a way to limit bookings from date A to date B, it doesn’t display booked dates in the calendar, it doesn’t allow to display a calendar overview with bookings.

Just think of a holiday rental or a service provider who has limited time slots and you need to show them to the visitor, otherwise the visitor has to “try” all possible booking dates to find suitable one.


Hi @dripple

Forgive me for asking, but purely out of interest, what would you consider to be a reasonable price to pay for such a plugin/stack?

Would an ongoing subscription cost model work or would you rather pay once and forget?

I’m interested in putting something like this together so your opinion is high value. If you can’t reply that’s ok though!

Seasons Greetings!


Hi Klaatsu. I could do this on my own, as I am a software developer by day :slight_smile:

I personally don’t like subscription based models, except they are from brands llike JetBrains, Adobe or phlearn where I know that the development is progressing on a monthly base.

For a one shot, I personally would easily pay something between 20 and 40 bucks, depending on the implemented features.


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Thanks. Agreed on JetBrains; we’d be lost without it! Spring boot 2 initializr type functionality built into IntelliJ Pro is worth paying for alone. We are also big users of Goland and Pycharm.

This does not, I agree, fall into that category. Nowhere near. Free might be an option.

The Stacks API is very good - and opens up lots of possibilities for devs. Well worth a look.

Thank you.


Hi, just my 2 cent: I think many clients of us developers might be interested in such a solution. The reason for my statement is that we could include such a one time fee in the price for web development and thus I would pay up to 100 Euro. If just for me, up to 50 Euro.

Looking at the GDPR I select stacks which do not download any software, libraries etc. from outsides sources while deployed. I would not mind installing things on my webspace, though.



Exactly my thoughts and price point.

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Thanks for the pointer about GDPR and your decision to use stacks which do not call out to other lib/CDN repositories. I’ll absolutely keep that in mind and appreciate you bringing that up.

I do have a question, but if it’s ok, I’ll ask you privately - thanks again.

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There is a wide selection of “booking” scripts at phpjabbers.com
They are php based and usually pretty easy to implement in a RW site.


You are 100% correct I’d say.

But one might say that about form managers and generators, CMS products, E-Commerce solutions or even file sharing programs. Normally I’m evangelising about doing exactly as you suggest and it may be that one of those scripts is all you need for sure.

But, implementing things with the old Stacks plugin still has a certain charm and appeal for a certain level of RW user. I think some, especially non advanced users, might actually prefer a stacks based solution.

But of course, I could be completely wrong.

EDIT> There are also a number of 3rd party booking system scripts here:

For the right kind of user, there is generally a solution to be found in these kinds of places.

Thanks Scott. I know this places very well. As I said, I am a prodcut manager and developer by day for (large scale) web portals by day (ecommerce, gaming, finance, eduction, communities.

But for smaller projects (and even a quick prototype), I love to use Rapid Weaver and Stacks and I as looking for an existing Stack or Plugin that would suit my needs for a small project and perhaps upcomming projects.

I quickly drafted out a solution with FormLoom and a small script for my “slots” which will work for the current project, but I might spend some time with the stacks API and write something more stable.



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