Bots and Recpatcha

I’ve 2 sites that have been flagged up by my hosting company as to having been hit by bots, they have told me to install recpatcha, on looking at this and not understanding any code, whatsoever, Is their an easier way to stop this happening? One form is from Doobox and doesn’t contain any question to answer (i.e. 5+3) The other has a foundry form and contains the question, but according to the hosting company, both are being hit the same??

Will turning the ‘check for visitor consent’ on the foundry form stop bots?

Mail transactions recorded for Monday 8th March 2021:
24 : Total transactions recorded
12 : 50% : Emails received
0 : 0% : Emails delivered
12 : 50% : Total emails flagged as failed
0 : 0% : Emails deferred by the recipient server
0 : 0% : Emails flagged as spam
12 : 50% : Emails rejected (1)

      (1) Includes emails that were sent from the web
          site and were rejected immediately by our
          servers, emails that were rate-limited, and
          emails returned from the recipient's host (NDRs)

The following rules were triggered:

    The number of failures logged for this domain was more than 25% of
    the total mail transactions

    The number of emails rejected by the recipients or our web server
    was more than 10% of the total transactions, or above the threshold
    deemed at-risk

Top 10 subject lines:

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I’m using the Form Pro stack which is in the Foundry Potion Pack add-on. I get none of the get-rich-quick type spam mails, although I do get SEO companies in India from time to time. Form Pro has a honeypot built in, so you don’t need to have the Human Test (5+3=), which I hate with a passion. I also despise reCaptcha.

I’m sure @Elixir will be along when Florida wakes up, if you need any further info.

Where I have the email address (and phone number) showing elsewhere on the site, I use @willwood’s TouchBase stack to obfuscate.

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Thanks Adam, I‘ve got Form Pro so will swop out the old form.
Sorry, but whats a honeypot?
Will also have a look at Touchbase, thanks for your help.

Cheers Jon

No problem.

A honeypot is designed to confuse the bots. It has a dummy field in it, which doesn’t display on the page, so a human wouldn’t complete the field, but a bot would - so if the form detects that field has been completed, it knows it’s not an actual person, and discards the response.

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Clever stuff! :+1:

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The Doobox HTML Email stack already includes the ‘honeypot’ feature so switching to Form Pro may not solve the issue.

Ok swopped the form out for - Form Pro but now getting a - Mailer Error: Could not instantiate mail function. Have the send using email address box ticked, and have added the email address in the your info box? Anything I‘ve missed?
Do I need to fill in the SMTP box at the base?

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Sounds like your server’s PHP installation is not configured to call the mail() function correctly, which the stack uses via PHPmailer, or something else in your php.ini file may be incorrect. Try including the SMTP information, which you’d really want to do anyway, and see if that clears things up. You may need to work with your host of figuring out why their server is returning this error.

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Thanks Adam will have a look at that :+1:

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