Robo Spam using Formloom3 Contact Form

I’m using the Formloom3 Contact Form and robo spam is constantly getting through.

The form field input requirements are being bypassed and the form is being filled out and sent by spam robots. The email address hasn’t been compromised but the form has been.
Has anyone found a solution for this?

do you have Google reCaptcha v.3 enabled?

I use Formloom3 a lot and not suffered from the bots yet.

I also have my .htaccesss setup with quite a few denies for common web addresses that generate rubbish for forms and wordpress sites etc.

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Thanks for your reply, Nick.

I’ve previously enabled reCAPTCHA according to instructions and it appears to be working when clicked on the form.

However upon submitting the form the email seems to just sticks on sending, then after a short period the reCaptcha box displays the error verification failed.

I’ve also updated Formloom3 and completely rebuilt the page. This hasn’t solved the problem.
I’ve had to remove reCAPTCHA from the form in order for it to work at all again. Otherwise real clients can’t send in the contact form.

Please tell me more about the denies that you’ve added to .htaccess. Most of my robo spam seems to be coming from Russia.

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