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I am using latest v RW, Aspen Theme with Formloom 4 contact page. I have Captcha activated but a client’s site I manage is receiving LOTS of spam suddenly.

I am using the version of Captcha that asks people to retype text, but I thought Captcha was meant to stop this? so questions.

1: What is the option ‘reCaptcha v.3’ option in Formloom do.? Pros, & Cons? (currently un-checked)

2: Is there a more robust version ‘I am not a robot’ available?

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Many thanks for any help in advance.

I was getting loads of spam from a SiteLock registration form that had a captcha. I’m now running a beta version of the form with a hidden ‘honeypot’ field that if filled in - only seen by a spambot - prevents the form being sent. I’ve had zero spam since Adrian of Sitelok set me up with this.

I also use Foundation 6 forms without a captcha but with the honeypot field and I don’t get any spam on those.

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Some info on honeypots here:

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