Brainstorming an option for a Humane Society Website

Dear Collective Hive Mind… I could use some thoughts. I’ve been running a small humane society website for a couple of years as a volunteer. I have it set up with Armadillo so they can easily edit specific pages (like cats & dogs for adoption), and add blog posts as part of their news, etc. Recently they’ve come to me wanting to be able to create pet profile pages.

The idea would be a central page with little thumbnails of the different animals, and clicking on it would take you to the single page write up for that animal. (You can see an clumsy example of one site using something similar here by clicking on adopt-a-dog: ) Ideally I don’t want them to have to go out to an outside solution for it, like in this example.

I have a few ideas, (Armadillo supports multiple blogs for instance, I could see a way of making that work), but I thought I would toss it out and see if smarter minds might have a better/simpler solution.

We’re about to do a full redesign, so different CMS options, etc, are all on the table.


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This is an architects site I did, it uses TotalCMS for the blog but I’m sure you could do something similar in Armadillo
Each project is a blog post, I can easily add, edit, sort, filter, promote etc a project, if you picture my projects as animals you could easily categorise them as cat, dog, age, colour etc.
I’m not familiar with Armadillo but in TotalCMS I can have one blog (all the projects) but on one page have a list of only houses and on another only offices (cats, dogs etc in your case) it makes administrating much easier.


Looking at the projects page, and all the thumbnails that link to the individual project pages, did you have to make those yourself, or where you able to customize the layout of the summaries for the blogs so that they’d be generated automatically?

The blog list (projects) is generated automatically, there are many layout options from a grid of images to detailed cards.

You can do similar to what Paul describes in Armadillo. It’s a nice way to handle complicated sets of information you want to present.

… however, Armadillo won’t automatically create the “grid of images” approach Paul has. But creating suitable lists of links that you can put on other pages is a breeze. It comes with a headlines stack that can be filtered by category, tag, author or archive.

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What stacks did you use to make the cards in the blog list?

That’s a custom stack but TotalCMS has its own card layout that looks similar

Hi SF,
I was reading this thread because I want to do something similar. Did you end up staying with Armadillo? If so, did you manage to get a grid approach with artwork for each article? Interested to know if you have time.


Hi @davidw1234 - I actually decided to go the TotalCMS route. It’s built in tools allowed me to get the layout I wanted, and I did everything in Foundation. It also meant I could build the editing side of things as simply as possible for the less tech savvy volunteers who were making the pet updates. Foundation and Total CMS are really quite powerful, but the real beauty is you don’t have to spend much time learning them. They’re straight forward to use and it’s easy to preview your design.

Not to mention you can get plenty of help at the forum for all things Foundation and Total CMS.

Of course, it does cost a $100, but I’m a sucker for animals, and was fortunately in a position to pay for it on their behalf. (They had set aside the money, but that’s like a couple of immunizations for pets, better spend that way. :slight_smile:

Would love to see the finished site if you are OK with sharing it?!?

It’s not my best work, but they’re super happy with it, (and they don’t always tag enough animals to be featured (there should be 3 animals showing across the top at any given time… ) but here it is:


Very nice site. I think you did a great job with it!!

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