Rapidweaver stacks for creating online newspaper

Hi, I’m going to create an online news site for someone. The customer wants to have a number of issues with a number of articles within each. Front page was going to have the latest issue with an index of articles with a separate page for previous issues. I had intended to use Armadillo. I was thinking of having each issue as a separate blog and each article as a post within a blog. Customer would like to have artwork/image associated with each article as part of the index. So, I am coming up against a number of difficulties and wondered if I am barking up the wrong tree by using Armadillo. I don’t want to be involved in adding articles and artwork so there has to be a CMS.

Problems are

  1. Is there any way to use the headlines stack to automatically use the content id of the latest blog?
  2. Is there a clever way to present an Armadillo media library image alongside the headline link to a particular post, preferably with the image being a link as well?

I’m beginning to think this is going to stretch a CMS like Armadillo quite a long way.

Any advice would be welcome.



Maybe this Foundation project based on Total CMS would be helpful: https://rapidpages.de/shop/article/journal

@jochenabitz recently released a project that might fit called Journal: https://rapidpages.de/shop/journal

In the demo, there’s an e-journal layout which could potentially be used in they way your customer wants.

There would be a bit higher start-up cost with a Total CMS licence but it wouldn’t be ‘stretching’ TCMS to do it, I don’t think

Edit: ha, great minds, Jochen


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