Breadcrumb chevron gone AWOL on Aptenon

Experimenting with Aptenon and it seems to have lost the chevron on pages except for the home page. As its displayed on the Home page font awesome must be accessible but once the breadcrumbs path gets two (or more components) all I see are squares. Any suggestions on how to debug this further?

@willwood it would appear that all the pages aside from the home page are missing

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/rw_common/plugins/stacks/font-awesome.min.css">

and so the breadcrumb code doesn’t know how to access the FontAwesome fonts.

Do a full republish of the website, clear your cache, and give us the link.

I assume you want it without that code added to the HEAD.

@willwood you should compare the following
Shop |
Shop |
The former doesn’t have “fix” and the only difference in the second is the additional line.

Any difference if you add this CSS code to the page?

#breadcrumb li::before {
    font-weight: bold;

Yes I get symbols, although it’s not the same one by the look of it.

Both websites appear to be working perfectly for me. I see no difference in the style of the chevron icons displayed in the breadcrumb bar.

If you are talking about different web browsers / versions, then it is normal for there to be some slight discrepancies in the weight and how different fonts are rendered. For example, Firefox has a tendency to render typography thicker; compared to the WebKit and Blink family of browsers.

Might be better to ask a forum moderator to close this topic down and we can continue our discussions again via email. It is sounding like you need modifications made to the theme to introduce different styles of Font Awesome 5 icon breadcrumb separators. I may be able to get this work done for you before I leave for vacation on Thursday.

I am quite aware that different browsers might render a font differently which is why I was using two tabs in the same (Chrome) browser. What I found unusual is that the character had less weight with your solution, particularly bizarre since you set the weight to be bold, and looked more like an angle bracket.
I don’t really overly care what character is used as a breadcrumb separator, I just want it displayed (which it wasn’t without either fix) and displayed in a consistent way. My fix seems to do that so unless you have a good reason why I should prefer your solution I’m going to leave it at that.

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