Font Awesome and Depth Theme

I’ve looked at the posts on using Font Awesome.

-Using 4.7
-Checked the quote marks
-Using fa home and fa search icons
-Icons do show in the left panel of RW

This is all I get on the home page. Nothing shows up when previewing in RW8 on the other pages.

Hey Jeff,

I don’t have Depth but maybe someone else may be able to help. You may not know but the guy behind Depth has left the Rapidweaver community and the theme is no longer supported.

Yep. I know Joe Workman picked up some/all of Nick’s stuff. He specifically said Depth was not going to be supported, though. It was very kind of him to at least fix a bug or two in Depth and sent an email for a free download. @joeworkman is a top shelf guy.

If you have my Font Awesome stack, it will import FA4 onto the page and let you use the FA snippets wherever you want.

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Got the stack. My menu still looks the same as in the pic above. How do I get the FA to display in the menu except as tiny little bars?

Do you have a subscription or account with Font Awesome?

For FA5/6 (I know you said you’re using 4.7), you add the URL referencing your account into RW and then everything works.

No. I don’t have an account with FA. From a comment Joe W made I think it is a Depth issue. I’m going to transition my site to Boutique since it was written to work specifically with RapidCartPro. I’m guessing more and more things will break with Depth. Thanks.

Understood. I had a FA5 license and it took me two years to figure out that a single URL is all you need to make it work. Wanted to save you the agony if you were in that position.

Best of luck!

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