Browser Favicon

Does anybody know where the internet browser draws the tab favicon. On Safari my site ( shows up with a Joomla favicon in the tab bar on one machine with Mac OS Catalina installed, and on another machine a simple “C” letter is shown. The latter is on a machine running MAC High Sierra. Please see screen shots. I have cleared history and caches on both browsers. Where does this come from?

It looks like you haven’t added your own favicon. The browser console shows that it’s a 404 not found.

Have you tried to add a favicon? If you have one set in Rapidweaver, you might need to republish all file for it to show.

Thanks Neil, No I have never added a favicon. It just appeared!

Here is a screenshot from another machine using High Sierra. A different favicon appears.

That’s just the default favicon that the browser uses (first letter of the domain name). You’ll need to add your own favicon to change it.

There’s a video here from Realmac about favicons and web icons.

Thanks Neil, that’s great–I wonder where the Joomla favicon appeared from?