Favicons not showing up

I know this has been asked b4 but I’m not able to get my Web Icons -favicons to show up. I’m using RW 8 and added my logo to the icon area and it generated them. Also added a svg file but nothing shows up. Very new to RW so still learning. Here is my website if it helps. mosdens.com


The favicon is showing at my end. And I can see them in the page source. They will show up after you’ve quit the browser and restarted it a few times.


In Safari (13.0.4 on 10.14.6) I do not see favicon for that site.

This is from Safari 13.0.4 on 10.15.2


So 1 person sees it and one doesn’t. And I still don’t. It’s been days and I’ve checked it repeatedly in Safari and also Firefox. Cleared my cache just in case.

Well, the favicon and icons are definitely there.

I checked in macOS 10.14.6 on

Safari: :+1:
Chrome: :+1:
Firefox: :+1:
Brave: :+1:
Edge: :+1:

Latest versions of everything.
In my opinion it seems to be working just fine.

I’m not sure why folks are not see it.
It clearly seems to be there and in a format that all the major browsers understand.

Try to clear your browser cache and try again.

If you use tabs and check off “show website icons in tabs” at least you should see it there.
Safari is my default browser but it’s not my favorite, I sometimes switch :wink:

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