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Hi all,

I have sent Rapid Weaver a couple of emails with some valid questions to help me consider if this will be the correct product for me but have the reply emails dont answer all the questions - does anyone else find this happens?

I am wary that if they cant ansewer some simple questions they will not answer queries after purchasing their software.

I would like to know if i can install Rapid Weaver on both my iMac & Macbook on the same licence. I would only be using 1 at any one time.

Do stacks come as a bundle or are these bought individually? What is the average price of stacks?

Shall I fork out £80 buying the sotware then £££ more on stacks? What else would i need to build a website that would have a booking form, booking calander and some sort of payments facility?


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You’ll need the main Stacks plugin to start with, which will then enable you to use the basic stacks that come included. Then if you want to extend your stacks, there a various third party suppliers who make stacks themselves. To see what’s on offer, check,,,,,, There are others, and apologies if I’ve left someone out.

I design for clients so I’ve spent a lot of money on stacks. It really depends what kind of site you’re looking to create. You might be better with a nice theme if you’re just doing 1 or 2 sites.

RapidWeaver and Squash Licenses have an activation limit set to 3 computers. This means you can register and use RapidWeaver on three Macs in the same household.

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Thanks NeilUK.

Good news regarding the licence

Am i correct in thinking it will then cost me the price of the software £80 then £50 for stacks or £90 to get the Plug in bundle which includes stacks?

What is the freee download on the stacks page?

Then i can browse and see what other ‘gizmos, wizardardry’ i want on the web pages and purchase the stacks for these individually.

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Rapidweaver 7 is £79 and comes with a selection of responsive themes
Stacks is $49.00 and comes with a selection of built in stacks (note the small ‘s’) for adding things like columns, grid, text, headings and images to your pages; the free download is simply a trial version of Stacks with limitations.

I’d Ignore the Plugin bundle - it’s older products that IMHO aren’t being developed as actively as Stacks.

Buy RW and Stacks and you’ll be a long way towards having everything you need to start building websites.

To add specific features - like a booking form or calendar - you may end up purchasing additional stacks - small s - these cost anything from £3.99 up to £39.99; i just depends on what you’re trying to do.

Since both Rapidweaver and Stacks are available in trial versions, why not download them both and have a go? The workflow doesn’t suit everyone but there are thousands of happy users and this forum is awash with people ready to give advice, especially to newcomers.

Good luck,


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Hi Rob,

Many thanks for the advice.

Great idea to try the trial versions of both so i can get a feel for it.



(Rob Beattie) #6

Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose but a bit of time and the community here - of users and developers - is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced using another product.


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RW and Stacks are well worth the money.

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Hi Rob,

Comforting to know. It’s great when people help others with their own experience.



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