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Hi all,

I have sent Rapid Weaver a couple of emails with some valid questions to help me consider if this will be the correct product for me but have the reply emails dont answer all the questions - does anyone else find this happens?

I am wary that if they cant ansewer some simple questions they will not answer queries after purchasing their software.

I would like to know if i can install Rapid Weaver on both my iMac & Macbook on the same licence. I would only be using 1 at any one time.

Do stacks come as a bundle or are these bought individually? What is the average price of stacks?

Shall I fork out £80 buying the sotware then £££ more on stacks? What else would i need to build a website that would have a booking form, booking calander and some sort of payments facility?


You’ll need the main Stacks plugin to start with, which will then enable you to use the basic stacks that come included. Then if you want to extend your stacks, there a various third party suppliers who make stacks themselves. To see what’s on offer, check,,,,,, There are others, and apologies if I’ve left someone out.

I design for clients so I’ve spent a lot of money on stacks. It really depends what kind of site you’re looking to create. You might be better with a nice theme if you’re just doing 1 or 2 sites.

RapidWeaver and Squash Licenses have an activation limit set to 3 computers. This means you can register and use RapidWeaver on three Macs in the same household.

Thanks NeilUK.

Good news regarding the licence

Am i correct in thinking it will then cost me the price of the software £80 then £50 for stacks or £90 to get the Plug in bundle which includes stacks?

What is the freee download on the stacks page?

Then i can browse and see what other ‘gizmos, wizardardry’ i want on the web pages and purchase the stacks for these individually.

Rapidweaver 7 is £79 and comes with a selection of responsive themes
Stacks is $49.00 and comes with a selection of built in stacks (note the small ‘s’) for adding things like columns, grid, text, headings and images to your pages; the free download is simply a trial version of Stacks with limitations.

I’d Ignore the Plugin bundle - it’s older products that IMHO aren’t being developed as actively as Stacks.

Buy RW and Stacks and you’ll be a long way towards having everything you need to start building websites.

To add specific features - like a booking form or calendar - you may end up purchasing additional stacks - small s - these cost anything from £3.99 up to £39.99; i just depends on what you’re trying to do.

Since both Rapidweaver and Stacks are available in trial versions, why not download them both and have a go? The workflow doesn’t suit everyone but there are thousands of happy users and this forum is awash with people ready to give advice, especially to newcomers.

Good luck,



Hi Rob,

Many thanks for the advice.

Great idea to try the trial versions of both so i can get a feel for it.



Seriously, you’ve got nothing to lose but a bit of time and the community here - of users and developers - is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced using another product.



RW and Stacks are well worth the money.


Hi Rob,

Comforting to know. It’s great when people help others with their own experience.



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