Cache Busting Links

Is there something special that needs to happen in a theme in order to get Cache Busting Links working?

I have a new theme that gets all of the plugin header data but none of it gets the cache busting parameters on it. I do when I use my Foundation theme though.

Does anyone know a secret before I spend most of my day tomorrow debugging this?

Can you post a few examples of your links, and I can tell you why they’re not getting the cache busting strings added.

I expected this to get a cache busting string…

<script type='text/javascript' charset='utf-8' src='index_files/stacks_page_page17.js'></script>

This is not your everyday theme by the way. It does not follow the rules. But when have I ever done that? :wink:

What does RapidWeaver do to insert these strings? It is a generic regex? Does it require that the tags be inside of <head>?

I’d expect that to get a cache-busting string. Can you share the theme with me please? And ideally a sample project that uses the theme too.