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I have had some issues on this site trying to get the Universal Code to work properly in my RapidWeaver project. I decided to go into the index.html file on the server and edit (add) the Universal Code right before the /body tag.

It’s working properly when I edited the code through Transmit. So, I went back to RW and added the UC to the code section of the page, republished and checked it again. No luck. So, I downloaded the index file, deleted the code in RW and republished so I could add the code via Transmit and then download the index file to compare.

There is a strange bit of code that is adding to the RW file: ?rwcache=562785330

The top image is the downloaded version via Transmit. That code was not present before or after I copied/pasted the UC from Constant Contact.

The code is coming from line 639 and somehow duplicating itself within the script that I paste.

Any help would be appreciated as at this point EVERY time I now update their website, I will need to edit via Transmit. I’m dreading the thought… :smile:

Using RW7.5.6

I’m a bit confused on what you’re saying.

This “query” style link is what’s called a cache busting link and can be turned on or off in the project settings.

I’m not familiar with constant contact, but some JavaScript products don’t seem to play well with the cache busting links option turned on, so I would try turning it off an test again.
If it works with that option turned off, then you’ll need to leave it that way as long as you’re using that product (constant contact).

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Sorry @teefers, it was the end of a very long day when I wrote that. Your suggestion of the cache busting link cleared it right up. THANK YOU.

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