Call link on phone

How can I link a number so that it can direct call from a cell phone

I think its this

Yes, @Figory just create a link and set it to tel:123567890 just as @britinusa suggested.


With this code, you also have an icon.

<a href="tel:440123456789"><span class="fa fa-mobile fa-2x"></span> Phone</a>

Icon: But only when using font awesome.

Of course.
But many themes support this … and with a Font Awesome stack it works fine on every stacks-page with every theme. With PlusKit @import((from the stacks page)) on every page.

YAY! Thanks everyone.

Don’t advice to use plus kit :smile:
It is dead simple to include font awesome CSS on every RW page.

Yes, for developers it’s dead easy :wink: and for advanced users.
But for new users or normal users it can be a challenge to integrate Font Awesome in a project.
That’s why I tried to integrate FA with some different workarounds.

In any theme, FA as code in resources and CSS in the header (challenge :grinning:)
In a theme, which supports FA
In a stacks page, with a FA stack (from Joe Workmann)
… and as test, with PlusKit @import(()) of the empty stacks page in another (not stacks)-page.
And it works too!
Why not PlusKit?

How would it be done if added to an SVG ? So all that is seen is the SVG of a phone but not a number?

add it in a link on the svg

yes I know, but what’s the code to add? If I add this :: <a href="tel:+23456789">Call +234567879</a>
I get the Call+23456789 as the link, which I don’t want.

Leave out the Call +234567879 part

So I just add this?

Plus the closing tag </a>

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It doesn’t work, have a look
passwd: 0000

You have an extra > at the end:

I don’t get it ? this is what I entered…

Is it possible to build it into the SVG code?

if you are using the link builder just put in the tel:…, part the builder adds the tags

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