Font Awesome icons with link turning all text stacks below into links

I have made a couple of font awesome links - one for a phone number and one for email. They work and look fine but all text in stacks underneath them are turning into link text. Any idea what could be happening? Code example is:

<a href="+4412345678"><i class='fa fa-phone '></i> Call Us

I have tried in text and html stacks with formatting ignored and cleared - no change. Sure I’m missing something simple

You have no closing tag on your link - thus everything below is included in it.

<a href="+4412345678"><i class='fa fa-phone '></i> Call Us</a>

Hi - sorry Andrew - it’s not in the code above but I have closed both off with </a>. Doesn’t seem to make any difference though.

OK got it. Originally one line didn’t have the closing code and hence it continued. Adding the closing tag didn’t change anything but re-pasting the next stack below as plain text has cleared it. I guess once the stack below inherited the link it had to be cleared from there as well. Thanks for your help!