Calling for professional help to replace old website with new RW site?

Have outlined my concerns about replacing an existing business website with a new RW6 site below.

It’s becoming apparent that my worries about loosing SEO etc. are real. Is there anyone who can offer to do the replacement professionally for us? Then we would take over from there?

The website belongs to my friend, it’s his business and he’s done very little to nothing concerning SEO. However it’s a very niche business and it ranks well in Google regardless. What my friend wants is to be able to update and make additions to the website himself, hence changing it to a RW site. The intention was that I replace the existing website with my RW6 version/copy and then hand it over to him.

To recap: In case my other post isn’t available: We need to upgrade the existing Easily hosting package as current package is too old and RTP isn’t functional. Existing website may get wiped during the upgrade.

This is the website:

Please PM me if you’re interested with a quote.